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Check out this incredible update with Health for Haiti!

SUNY Broome Health for Haiti

“Food is hope. Food is dignity. Food is empathy. Food is community. Food is family. Food is caring. Food is nourishment. Food is resilience. Food is building longer tables. Food is peace. Food is love!”

José Andrés (Chef and Humanitarian)

Human needs don’t get much more basic than water and food, and adequate access to both is critical for health, achievement, and success. Health for Haiti’s long standing community garden project has been a sustainable and practical way to partner with the families in Grande Saline to help reduce food insecurity and support education and learning. Produce from the garden is used to provide a nutritious school lunch for the local school children and staff, ensuring that these individuals have access to at least one hot meal each school day. The garden provides rice, corn, and vegetables year round. Donations help cover the costs of planting, maintaining, and harvesting the…

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Celestial Bookstore & Cafe – Our Signature Brews

(Disclaimer: This post is for a school project and does not represent a real business. I am unaffiliated with the websites in the links.)

At the Celestial Bookstore and Cafe, all of our brews result from lovingly crafted recipes developed with time and care by our team. We believe that locally-grown, freshly-ground coffee beans provide the best flavor, so all of our coffee beans are sourced from North America. If you’re interested in giving your own homemade coffee a spin, you can check out our supplier, Coffee Bean Corral! Once these coffee beans arrive at our store’s doorstep, they are carefully stored to maximize freshness, then ground and brewed to order. Our mission is to ensure that you enjoy the freshest flavor possible from our coffee!

Photo by Kevin Menajang on

Our menu features a variety of coffee drinks so that there will always be the perfect option to match your mood or any book you’re reading! We make our affogato from a richer brew and house-churned vanilla ice cream made from local ingredients. It’s perfect for warm summer days and a magical adventure book. If you’re craving something darker for studying hours, our double espresso is here for you! And when you need a dreamy accompaniment to your sci-fi novel, you can’t go wrong with our frappe topped with homemade whipped cream. No matter what coffee drink is on your mind, the Celestial Bookstore and Cafe is ready to serve! 

customizing posts with CSS

In my BIT 173 class, I discovered that adding custom CSS to your blog posts is surprisingly easy! As this brilliantly helpful video by Kinsta explains, all you have to do to edit your CSS is access your WordPress customizer. To access it, find the “Appearance” button on your site’s sidebar. Once you click that, you’ll have the opportunity to select “Customize” and then “Additional CSS”. (To use it, you will need the premium version of WordPress.) This button will take you to WordPress’ built-in code editor, where you can type in CSS to your heart’s content and view the results in real time! If you want to add something in HTML, you can use the code editor built into your post editor to add code to your posts for free!

social media & me

Social media has always played a crucial role in my life. I was born in 2000, thus sharing my birth year with the digital age. I grew up alongside social media, and once I was old enough, I utilized it to reach out to others and make my first friends. My experiences online were really the same as they would have been in real life, as my interests at the time (books!) reached countless different people in my own age group. As a teen, social media was an invaluable means for me to connect with others and learn about the world. Without it, I would be a very different person from who I am today.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

I genuinely feel like social media and I grew up together, even if I didn’t realize it until recently. When I was young, computers looked like this – quite the far cry from the sleek Dell I’m using now! The social media websites we use every day weren’t even a concept in anyone’s minds, but now most of us couldn’t imagine life without them. My grandparents don’t seem to use any, but my parents use various social media websites to connect with their friends. I browse Reddit constantly, and frequent Twitter as well. It’s always interesting to browse through the goings-on of the world before flitting through AllRecipes.

I admittedly didn’t use or think about Twitter very often before taking this class. I use Discord for most of my socializing. Before this class, I actually had an irrational fear of using social media under my name! Sure, everyone does it; but for me, it was inexplicably terrifying. Thanks to this class, I was able to overcome that and learn a new appreciation for the importance of social media. It provides me with a way to express myself and familiarize myself with the way businesses use social media. I never realized before what an advantage Twitter can be for businesses! I would definitely use Twitter to advertise my business. It never hurts to put yourself out there, even if you’re a small business!

Using WordPress has been another adventure. I have never explored the idea of blogging before, but I’m sure you can tell from the length of this post, I LOVE writing. It turns out having a blog is an excellent way to process my thoughts and emotions. I received a couple of kind comments from my classmates who appreciated the way I shared my perspective. I enjoy personal blogging; it allows me to speak from the heart. Using it for a business is an intriguing path to explore. I wonder how blog writers keep their blog content streamlined. I feel like I could happily write about anything in my life, but what would a small business write about to keep its blog active and gaining traction?

Celestial Bookstore & Cafe

(Disclaimer: This post is for a school project, and is NOT a real business! Any identifying details are made up!)

Hello everyone! My name is Caeden Schneider, and I am pleased to announce the grand opening of my new cafe and bookstore business! The Celestial Bookstore and Cafe is a space-themed business serving up home-brewed coffee, teas, freshly-baked pastries, and the finest fiction stories around. We pride ourselves on our unique recipes, hand-selected books, and galactic puns! Our goal is to provide a cozy resting spot for our community. We’re a chill place to kick back and relax with a book and a cup of tea. Whether you need to study or just unwind, the Celestial Bookstore and Cafe was made for you!

Photo by Ata Ebem on

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., and from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekends. We ALWAYS have free WiFi!

We are located in Binghamton, NY on the corner of Fifth and Cherry street. This month, we have our limited Valentine’s Day specials: Very Venus raspberry tea and Chocolate Asteroid Chunk cookies! Stop by anytime and check out our menu; we look forward to seeing you!

Beginnings from ends

Two years ago, I never thought I would be here learning at SUNY Broome. After finishing high school, I fell into a dark place. There was nothing left for me to do to make me feel accomplished. I had relied on completing my schoolwork to fill my sense of purpose. Without it, what was I?

I was homeschooled throughout my childhood, learning through a combination of textbooks and online resources. To gain my GED certification after completing my high school education, I needed either a letter of completion from our local high school or a passing grade on a GED test such as the TASC. With nothing from the school, I began studying for the TASC as our world fell into tumultuous times. My studies stretched on and faded into oblivion as I was lost to a deep depression. As the pandemic reared its ugly head, the TASC testing centers closed indefinitely. I was heartbroken. I felt I had reached a dead-end in life – that there was nowhere left for me to go.

There are no dead ends in life, only dead end thinking.

— Orrin Woodward

I bided my time, waiting for the testing centers to reopen, combatting my lingering feeling of hopelessness. What if the TASC centers never reopened? What if things never changed? With the pandemic persisting, would I be able to attend college at all? Until further notice, I was left spinning my wheels. Until, finally, the day came. I received my letter of completion from our high school. Finally, I was good to go. The only thing left to hold me back would be myself.

The painting I made for the art gallery hosted by the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, held at the SUNY Broome library in November 2021.

But there was one thought that led me to persist through it all: I would triumph. All the paths I’d ever taken had led me where I wanted to go. In all the times where I couldn’t see my future, I had to trust in the journey. After all, it’s not about the destination.