Food for Thought

Check out this incredible update with Health for Haiti!

SUNY Broome Health for Haiti

“Food is hope. Food is dignity. Food is empathy. Food is community. Food is family. Food is caring. Food is nourishment. Food is resilience. Food is building longer tables. Food is peace. Food is love!”

José Andrés (Chef and Humanitarian)

Human needs don’t get much more basic than water and food, and adequate access to both is critical for health, achievement, and success. Health for Haiti’s long standing community garden project has been a sustainable and practical way to partner with the families in Grande Saline to help reduce food insecurity and support education and learning. Produce from the garden is used to provide a nutritious school lunch for the local school children and staff, ensuring that these individuals have access to at least one hot meal each school day. The garden provides rice, corn, and vegetables year round. Donations help cover the costs of planting, maintaining, and harvesting the…

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